Trivia & Trailer Parks

Non-sequitur Sticks

J: “I put tulips under all the pillows, and then I set fire to the house.”

K: “You set the house on fire? Arson sounds kinda harsh.”

J: “Well, if it makes you feel any better, the house was vacant. And I had a good reason to set the place ablaze. Revenge. As Taylor Swift put it, ‘There Is Nothing I Do Better Than Revenge’.”

K: “Revenge?”

J: “Yeah. That family cheated on the trivia contest and they are on my vacation to the Bahamas right now.”

K: “And the tulips?”

J: “That was the answer to the question they cheated on. I saw that man googling the answer!”

K: “Life isn’t fair. If it makes you feel better, Tom lost 25 bucks at the races.”

J: “I’m pretty sure that a trip for 4 to the Bahamas is worth more than 25 bucks.”

K: “No shit Sherlock. My point was you can’t win ‘em all.”

J: “I don’t want to win them all! I want to win once! Did you know that I’ve never even won a game of bingo? Or that every scratcher I’ve ever put my hands on has yielded a big fat goose egg!”

K: “Don’t be so dramatic.”

That was the point I had an epiphany about the wealthy. They were all the same, I decided. Even my best friend. She had no idea what it was like to struggle. She had never stepped foot into a Goodwill. Composing her entire wardrobe with second-hand clothing was horrifying. I walked away without responding and headed home.

Home would be Jade Park, the majestic trailer park on the west valley. I spent 5 minutes kicking random clumps of dead grass before opening the door to our rusty trailer. I needed to calm down before I spoke to my sister.

The cigarette smell that lingered in our trailer should mask the fire and gasoline odor that clung to my skin.

The door slammed but my sister didn’t even look up. She was sitting at the picnic table in the middle of the kitchen trying to sort out our finances. She was too busy focusing on the bill she ‘forgot’ to pay to give me a second glance.

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