Paranormal War

Protagonist Game

Protagonist: Liz, who reviews books
Goal: to be wild and free
Obstacles: the woman in 3B
Action: does research in the library

Liz was sustaining herself with coffee and internal pep talks. She was attempting to make it through the latest book she had to review. Liz loved reading YA Paranormal Romance but was always assigned Historical Romance novels. Her boss, who unfortunately lived in the same building as Liz, thought that Liz was too old to relate to the YA genre. Besides forcing Historical Romance upon her, she also taunted Liz about her preferred literary choices. Liz was nearing forty. So what? She could still enjoy YA novels. She liked them better because they weren’t so… um… graphic and in her opinion the paranormal twist always enhanced the plot line.

3B, who was hardly pushing twenty, said that Liz’s desire to read YA Paranormal Romance was her pathetic attempt at being wild and free. Liz was an introvert but that didn’t mean she didn’t know how to cut loose. Last week she went to a party where she only knew two people and managed to stay for a whole 45 minutes, speaking to strangers. She was a little bit socially awkward. And maybe reading YA Paranormal Romance was her form of rebellion but 3B had no right to stifle that desire. The real reason 3B was forcing Historical Romances on Liz was because she wanted all the YA Paranormal Romances for herself. Heck, that selfish twit had ARCs of all four of the Twilight books.

After suffering through another scene about a pirate ripping the bodice of a distressed damsel, Liz threw the book on the ground and began to plan. She was going to be wild and free and write her own flipping YA Paranormal Romance. Then she could quit her job as a book reviewer and put a scathing dedication to 3B in her acknowledgments.

Liz had to figure out how to get around the unfortunate fact that she and 3B shared an internet connection and 3B was all up in her digital business. Then a solution came to her; the library! Free Wi-Fi and she could research tips how on to write a novel.

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