Dirty Kitchen Drama

Sixth-sense Cards

Card #1: the smelly microwave
The humid refrigerator has been full of decaying food for years. There was spongy green mold growing on the outside of half a dozen eggs. Once we disposed of the fridge, we assumed the stench would be gone but we were wrong. The putrid odor wasn’t coming from the long ignored refrigerator. The smell was from the microwave. I pushed the button to open the door and a puff of green smoke came out, expelling what I expect is the equal of a zombie fart. Death, decay, and multiplying maggots permeated the air. I could even figure out what the food used to be. It had been sitting in there for so long it was a rotting pile of mold.

Card #2: the sound of Marcie’s feet
I forgot about the microwave when I heard Marcie’s feet slamming against the peeling linoleum. The blood rushing in my ears began pounding in tune to Marcie’s quick stride. The gray dots dancing in front of my eyes also matched the tune. I was so enthralled by the rhythmic quality of Marcie’s swift exit that I didn’t realize I was fainting. My cheek smacked against the tepid sticky floor and I could feel the vibrations of Marcie’s steps in my chest.

Card #3: pink fuzzy lint
When I came to, everything seemed bright. The sun felt like a spotlight being shone in my eyes. The pink lint covering the blanket spanning my shoulders screamed at my retinas like a neon sign. I could also feel the tiny pieces of toxic Pepto Bismol colored fuzz rubbing against my bare skin. If I didn’t question why I was shirtless, the sensation was sort of enjoyable, sort of like a cat’s tongue. Unfortunately for me, Marcie decided to share the reason my top was missing. I had fallen into someone the putrid mess in the kitchen. The pink fuzzy lint felt like hundreds of maggots caressing my skin.

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