Re-read Summary #3: Broken Fairytales/Buried Castles by Monica Alexander




This is kind of quirky but I’ve actually read the second book more than the first. I stumbled onto the second one and loved it, then realized that I’d missed out on the first one. Emily meets Zach. Zach and Emily like each other but Emily has a boyfriend D-bag Ben. Emily hooks up with Zach and breaks up with the d-bag. (Yay!) Emily and Zach have a great summer despite the fact that Zach is dealing with his mom’s terminal cancer diagnosis. Zach helps Emily find herself and then dumps her because he has too much going on. Emily is heartbroken. Emily occasionally babysits her neighbor Jen’s daughter, Lily. Turns out, Lily is Zach’s daughter who Zach never told Emily about. After Zach realized that he is all about Emily, they struggle to get their shiznit figured out but with a little help from their friends they get their HEA.

And that’s the end of my crappy, horribly generic summary.

Zach + Emily 4eva

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