Re-read Summary #2: Rules of Survival by Jus Accardo

I selected this book thinking it was a re-read only to be happily suprised that it was actually a NEW read! (Happy belated Christmas to me, right?!?!?)

Kayla was on the run from, well, basically everyone because she’s been accused of her mother’s murder. (Spoiler alert: It wasn’t her.) She made a clandestine trip back to the cabin that she and her mother shared AKA SotC. She got busted by a bounty hunter named Patrick, who had hunted Kayla’s mom since forever because she was unjustly accused of a murder. (Like mother, like daughter, right?) Patrick and his protege Shaun get stuck in the middle of a firefight while trying to apprehend Kayla. After an escape through a hidey-hole that Patrick somehow knew was there a bunch of fighting and shenanigans ensue leading to Shaun handcuffing himself to Kayla to prevent her from escaping. More shenanigans. Kayla and Shaun had some squishy moments (heart eyes) on their quest to find out who killed Kayla’s mom to clean Kayla’s name. With Patrick’s help, Kayla tracked down a man she thought was her father. Turns out, the dude wasn’t her father. He was the jerk sending everyone to kill her like he killed her mother and killed the person Kayla’s mother was accused of killing. So basically, he kills a lot super sucks in general. Guess who came to the rescue? Patrick! And Patrick turned out to be Kayla’s real dad. Kayla and Shaun live happily ever after and Kayla and Patrick agree to try the father/daughter thing. (No, not like that. Ew.)

I’d totally re-read this again.

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