Re-read Summary #1: Privileged by Carrie Aarons

Nora’s mom marries a rich dude. They move from a small town in Pennsylvania to London. Because of this marriage and move, Nora’s mom has a gossip rag reputation for being a gold digger. Thanks to Nora’s middle-class upbringing and the lies printed in the gossip magazines all her new classmates dislike her before she even steps foot in the school. Enter the hot but jerky rich guy: Asher. Asher plans to use Nora as a pawn to get revenge on her new stepfather. Asher gets Nora to fall for him then goes Evil Asher. Asher is miserable without Nora. They reconcile and she heads back to Pennsylvania. After one term at Oxford, Asher transfers to UPenn and they live happily ever after. I can’t believe that the author used the word “jawn”!!!!! Philly represent.

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