Diary Of A Rather Pathetic She-demon

Tablo Flash Fiction Prompt: “A demon who is really bad at their job keeps making the life of the person he is possessing better.” I can tell you from personal experience, life as a rather pathetic she-demon sucked. You got crapped on for being at the bottom of the metaphorical demonic totem pole. And yes,… Continue reading Diary Of A Rather Pathetic She-demon

Amanda, With Amazing Legs

Protagonist Game Protagonist: Amanda, with amazing legs Goal: to write the Great American Novel Obstacle: the barista at Starbucks Action: gets married In the nicest and most simple terms, Amanda was unfortunate. In the meanest yet still uncomplicated terms, her personality sucked. And she was uglier than a troll. She was the ultimate pseudo-intellectual. Amanda… Continue reading Amanda, With Amazing Legs

Susie’s Leftovers

Sixth-Sense Exercise Card #1: the smell of Susie’s leftovers Susie was the queen of leftovers. Her small refrigerator was bursting with the smell of decomposing food. It wasn't a surprise though. She was a single middle age woman and lived alone. Suzie had a flair for cooking meat-centric family sized meals. Anytime anyone visited they… Continue reading Susie’s Leftovers