2021: The One with the Book Journal




New year, new me.

Not exactly. I never make New Years resolutions. Okay, sometimes I make them in my head but they don’t really count since they’ve never been written down or spoken aloud. Resolution rule 101, right?

I’d like to commit to daily yoga sessions or cut sugar out of my diet completely… I know I should commit to something physically healthy but after the poop show that was 2020 I don’t want to set myself up for failure in 2021. Know thy self and all that. (Although, yoga at least once a week sounds doable but whatevs. I still don’t want to obligate myself in writing. The rule, remember?)

Anyway, it’s 2021 now and this year I’m going to read and journal about 52 books. Reading isn’t the challenge (I’ll probably read at least double the number of books.) This task is more about writing and remembering. Typically, I read a book in less than a day – sometimes stay up until 3:00 am to finish because I’m crazy. The plus side to that is instant book gratification but I also feel like mass consumption in conjunction with sleep deprivation can be detrimental. I’m sure I miss details and a couple of times I’ve totally forgotten what happened at the end of the book. (Insert embarrassed emoji here.) This year my goal is to take in the all details and document what I read. (I’ll specifically be journaling about the new books I’m reading, not my re-reads.) I’ll start a new book each Sunday and post my journal entry each Saturday.

A possible bonus to journaling is that it will improve the quality of the reviews that I leave on Amazon. Authors put so much time, effort, and love into their novels, I feel they deserve proper reviews. At the moment the reviews I leave are uber generic. (Insert ANOTHER embarrassed emoji here.)

This past week I’ve re-read the first two books in Jennifer L. Armentrout‘s Origin series, The Darkest Star and The Burning Shadow in preparation for reading/journaling The Brightest Night. (Yay!! I love me some JLA!)

I’m so thrilled to start this journey – and since it’s in writing, it’s a resolution!

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